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User Analytics is now a common functionality to have on any website. It shows you the activity of your traffic, including business goals, page views, time on site, audiences, user explorer, demographics, user behavior, traffic source, and many other metrics you can check to optimize your site. This technology helps you improve your website such as developing relevant content, knowing what works and what doesn’t work on your site, creating new media, check from where users convert the most, check your organic, and paid ads, and apply multi-channel attribution reporting.

It helps you improve your search engine optimization strategy as well. With Google Analytics you can link your Google Search Console and AdWords account to see everything in one dashboard. Your indexed pages, organic queries, and paid advertisements can be tracked and attribute credit to which channel servers you best and optimize your digital marketing strategy. Another useful tool to use it from what browser they are viewing your site, from what country and state, and if they are new or returning visitors, there are many behaviors a user can take before converting with a conversion goal, and those are set up in Google Analytics. Don’t forget about Bing! Bing has a Webmaster Tool that lets you index your page on their search engine as well.

Your SEO strategies can be tracked and measured through a web analytical platform. Make sure you gather the right data to optimize your content.

XML sitemaps, robots text, .htcaccess file, we help you be on top of your game by providing all the necessary materials to your web analytics solution.


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