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A tag management system is designed to help manage the lifecycle of e-marketing tags (sometimes referred to as tracking pixels or web beacons), which are used to integrate third-party software into digital properties.[1]


Here are the top 10 tag management software companies that will help you organize your script tags:

Top 10 Tag Management Softwares

Tag management is not a necessary effort if you have 2 or three of them, but when you website gets more complex, like tracking, heat mapping, conversion tracking, behavioral tracking, e-commerce transactions, goal tracking, and many other considerations that you need to take care of. 

A tag management system helps you organize all your tracking scripts in one simple dashboard/placement. This allows to focus on the important tasks and have a clean structure on your website. For a developer, it could be difficult to change or modify the code inside the html page, and having a tag management dashboard can immediately optimize his work by not going through the code, instead, he goes through the dashboard and makes the necessary changes in a clean manner.

The most used tag management software is Google Tag Manager, besides being free, it has many pre-made tag types already at your disposal such as Crazy Egg, ClickTale, AdRoll, and many other types available. This helps you save precious time and know that it is working properly and that there is an option for your script tags, it even has the ability to add custom HTML and custom image tags.

Organization, Diligence, Prudence, and Perfection

If you think that organization is important, then a tag management system is for you. Install it on your website to have a clean code on your html, you won't be cluttered if you need to make changes to your tags.

Don't have all your JavaScript tags inside your head tag or your body tag, we easily install the management system to easily install all of your tags, such as heat mapping, cookie tracking, Facebook pixel, and many other marketing platforms.

Install, edit, and delete tags easily by a tag management system. View in a single dashboard your tags, triggers, and variables so you can easily customize your website and focus on what matters: Your customers!

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