scale your business as you scale your marketing

Scale Your Business as You Scale Your Marketing

In order to scale your marketing and your business at the same time, it takes analytical and data-driven decisions to make effective actions and to scale everything exponentially depending on your revenue.

Scaling your departments such as sales and marketing could potentially be a great decision, but if you are committing to users that you can deliver your product and/or service in time, while your production line and employees that work on products and/or services are not fast enough to produce, then you have a problem.

How to overcome these problems

You have to scale your business as you scale your marketing. Understand that sales and marketing depend on the production rate of your business, and to do this, you must comprehend it to the core. One easy way to perceive this is through a supply and demand graph.

This graph can help you scale up depending on your revenue. can you actually have a higher budget to spend on marketing? Sales? Do you have another idea to create another product? Does your business has cash flow to keep afloat while you are expanding your sales force? These are but a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to scale.

Scaling Your Marketing to New Heights

By having a greater marketing budget, you are able to spend on advertising such as the following:

  1. Search engine marketing: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini.
  2. Marketing Automation: Email marketing with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Pardot, Marketo, etc.
  3. Search engine optimization: generating relevant and valuable content, hiring copywriters and SEO specialists.
  4. Social Media Advertising: YouTube, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.
  5. Sponsored Content: OutBrain, Madison Logic, Taboola, etc.
  6. Account Based Marketing: Demand Base, Triblio, Terminus.
  7. Podcasts.

Using different marketing strategies and tactics will help you leverage and open channels that are not just effective, but measurable. You can now track your ROI per channel, check your multi-channel attribution report, and check for the highest generating revenue channel. From there you can make decisions about shifting budgets where there is most traction, remove channels with low conversion and click-through rates, and optimize your website for user experience and conversions.

Your Business and Your Marketing

hiring new sales employees, filling up your sales funnel, duplicating your production rate, reducing costs by knowing your ROI, hiring consultants, now you have a greater budget to be spending on your own business. Double down on investing in it and scale your business as you scale your marketing!

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