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Advertise Your Products Online

Product Listing Ads is a feature that helps you advertise your products on the Google and/or Bing Platform. This form of advertisement is helpful for e-commerce sites that primarily sell physical products.

You have to upload your product feed to Google Merchant Center, verify information and continue to follow the steps, and create a  shopping campaign on Google or Bing.

The advertising bidding price depends on many factors such as category, product, competition, location, and other considerations. Google Merchant Center is where you upload your product data and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory.

Connect your Ecommerce platform to Google to start advertising your products online. on the bottom image, we have an example of a “shoes” query and how it looks like in the Google search engine results page. There are many factors that Google considers to be on top of the search results page, and many of them are scored based on transaction goals and revenues. 

What Google wants is to show relevance and quality products, and to this process, from your end, you need to sell quality products. This is a game changer for Ecommerce because not everyone will win the game. You must delight your customers with exceptional customer service, and with a great product through an online transaction.

This is a great way to advertise your products; not only you can appear in organic listings, your have the ability to appear in paid ads as well. Remember to always manage your budget, and calculate your return on ad spend, you don’t want to spend $100 dollars on advertising for something that costs $20 dollars. The best way is to start small, and then scale.

Google Shopping Ads

google product listing ads

Bing Shopping Ads

bing product listing ads

Online Reviews

Online reviews greatly influence behavior and has the ability to help users make the right purchasing decision.

online product search
online shopping

Target Audience

Retarget your audience through social media ads that list your products. After users see the product page, that can be followed through social media so they can come back and purchase the product.

Shopping Ads

mobile shopping ads

Mobile Shopping Ads

Use search engines to promote your business online and target mobile users that are looking for your products. Your website will generate a product that that gets submitted to search engines that will help you appear in search results. Mobile users are using voice search to browse products online.

Target Personas by Intent

Search engines have the ability to target users by intent. This will help you target customers and spend your budget more efficiently. AI technology is helping predict customer intent and in doing so helping your business to save money and spend it where it really matters.

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