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Marketing automation is an important part of a marketing strategy. Its concept is quite complex on websites that have whitepapers, lead nurturing, and webinars, to a really simple introduction after a new subscriber submits to your email list. This is a really simple definition of marketing automation:

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks – Wikipedia.

These repetitive tasks can have a logical pattern or a life cycle that interacts with the customer through the sales and marketing journey to develop trust, transactions, or show relevant content. These tools, an example would be email marketing, help you create paths for the users that interact with your brand. An example would be that if they have downloaded your whitepaper, and they submit the form to download the PDF, you gather your information in your CRM system, and you send a personalized email and a CTA button inside the email to download the whitepaper. This simple method can be automated across your email marketing strategies and save you time instead of going personally to your inbox, process their information, and send them the PDF document. This is a tremendous amount of time if you have a considered amount of users requesting for information, and marketing automation is the key to effectively handle these situations.

There are huge amounts of how to use these concepts and logical journeys you can create across your site. Here are some links to understand marketing automation:

Mailchimp Marketing Automation

Pardot Marketing Automation

Marketo Marketing Automation

Constant Contact Auto Responder

Wishpond Marketing Automation

These are but a few marketing automation software companies that deliver this service, and all of them can do the same thing and in different ways. Email lists, engagement programs, drip emails, introduction emails, and many other things you can do with this type of software. Some specialize for E-Commerce, others for business to business, others for business to consumer, so deciding which one to use is really important if scaling or for future endeavors.

Don’t forget about reporting, A/B, Multi-variable testing, and other ways to optimize your marketing automation strategies. These will help you to know how well your programs are working, where to improve, and what to replace. I believe in these services to greatly help your marketing strategies such as having more touch points in the customer journey before converting into a customer.

You want to connect your marketing automation software to your CRM and your website to effectively use this software, and having an efficient content management system along with a scalable customer relationship management software will give you the edge in managing customer’s life cycle, from first touch point, to the very last.

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