landing pages are your digital sales reps

Landing Pages are Your Digital Sales Rep

Landing pages have different purposes, such as selling a service, a product, generating a lead or an action through a form, showing an informational video, or simply a page that contains useful information for the user.

These landing pages work as your digital sales rep by allowing them to interact with your users through reading, submitting a form, showing bullet points, downloading resources, having a chat box, or having a unique telephone number, knowing if you digital sales rep is doing its job.

Your landing pages have to align with your business objectives and have micro-conversions to know if they are working properly, and using heat-mapping software to know where they are performing or not.

There are many ways that a user can come in through your landing pages, and that could be through an organic keyword, paid advertisement, word of mouth, social media, sponsored content, or a back link that was sitting on the web.

Allow yourself to optimize your landing pages by doing keyword research, a/b and multi-variate testing to test your pages, you are basically firing and promoting your digital sales rep depending on their performance, knowing which one works, and which doesn’t.

Another way to see this perspective, is to know the session duration and the bounce rate of each landing page. This will help in getting your sales rep graded depending on the time they spend with the customer(user).

When to Replace Digital Sales Reps

Digital sales reps get replaced by testing them, benchmark them in a way that you make controlled changes to them and knowing which one is the winner. How? Make changes like the length of the form on the page, the copy, the image, the call to actions, the menus, videos if you show them, and/or the theme/template of your page.

All these controlled changes are a way to determine winners and losers on your landing pages, and by my experience, doing a test of at least 2 weeks is enough for you to add and/or remove digital sales reps. Check which one has most conversions, which one has higher session duration and you will be able to determine winners and losers.

When you start using these tactics really often, you start building a testing habit, making yourself a growth hacker. Growth hackers have the ability to test, test, and re-test and making things work and have traction, making you an expert on your field, along with your digital sales reps(landing pages).

Recommendations of using website such as optimizely and visual website optimizer will help you improve and scale your website to new heights, focusing on what matters, & scaling your business.

These software tools will help you run experiments and will allow you to have one instance of a landing page but with different versions. You might want to test, for example, the call to action of a landing page that you want to acquire a marketing qualified lead, such as:

  • Submit Form
  • Get Info
  • Contact Us
  • Get a Quote
  • Get a Proposal

These different variations will help you know which one resonates the most with your audience, replacing the losers, and having more exposure on the winning call to action. Basically what you are doing is helping users to get what their want if they are qualified.

The simpler you make it for them to convert, the greater the conversion rate you will have. Now, are they sales qualified? Will they finish the transaction and will you close the deal? There are many factors to consider in this journey. So even testing the journey itself can make it more complex to test.

But, in many cases, simplifying can help you make them convert. This infinite game is necessary for you to help users get to their destination. That destination is guided by your digital sales reps, and knowing exactly how they are performing is essential for conversion rate optimization.

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