I love marketing

Why I love Marketing

I cannot believe how the human mind can achieve such intelligence, such passion, such reality to influence human behavior for the greater good of our civilization. I love marketing because I research, learn, understand, and apply all my values and skills towards helping others exchange value.

My greatest interest is towards the betterment of our society, culture, and the world. While going through school I wouldn’t believe marketing would be everywhere around us, in products, in stores, and in companies all over the world.

Every passing second there is someone trying to give greater value to someone else that can benefit from it and marketing is the connector, the initiator, and the trigger to create a valuable exchange in energy.

I am amazed by how supply & demand interact with each other to create a positive impact. There is something that I have always asked myself, what is Marketing? Is it good? is it bad?

Sometimes the strategy fails if it didn’t adapt to change and depending on the value you exchange with others, you would notice that one law of marketing is leadership, and to be a leader, you must have the highest of values and ethics of the whole organization, and to have a great sense of self-awareness and empathy towards others and yourself.

Having the most loyal, trustful, and creative of marketers can help businesses exponentially increase value, make room for innovation, a greater culture, and an outstanding brighter future.

I love marketing because it creates innovation, abundance, wealth, and awareness. It shows the truth about your principles, fundamentals, and elements.

Without marketing, how can we tell the truth as marketers? Exposing the truth about our value to the audience increases the relationship with society’s interest and awareness.

Marketing is about adapting the strategy to the best one in present time. It’s about knowing yourself, knowing your audience, and how are you going to be of service to them. Increasing the value of yourself is marketing.

Being a great marketer has made me understand life too. I love nature, and marketing taught me to apply them in my daily life. To understand how I evolve and grow as a leader, as a better human being and a greater future for us all.

And now I stand in learning how to be more serviceable to others, and to be all I can be in this life. I love to learn and noticed that leadership books teach you a lot about life as well, for example, you have to learn how to be focused, how to be committed and accountable of your actions, and to have higher values than before.

Understanding the fundamentals of marketing is a must in our world. To ignore them you might miss on great opportunities on your life like your habits, your health, your wealth, and your happiness.

Thinking Strategically is something that you wouldn’t like to miss. You cannot believe how ignorant I was in my life. My life was a disaster, I had no awareness, I had an inflated ego, I was depressed, and I was a really angry person, I didn’t even know what emotional intelligence was. I had the theory, but I never put it into practice. I was an ignorant person.

There is a turning point in life where I seemed that I couldn’t reset it, and now, I think I can be more by growing, contributing, collaborating, and cooperating with other human beings.

I picked myself up and started applying all of my understanding on how to be a better human being and how can I put my life into the service of others. How can I help this world to become a better one for present and future beings? How can I change this world for the better? and most importantly, why?

I found my why through suffering and being a negative person all the time. I began reading books about consciousness, spirituality, business, leadership, marketing, sales, influence and persuasion, philosophy, ethics, and principles and then applying them in a daily basis and I felt I was making progress in my professional career and my life.

Once you realize that your mindset can achieve anything if you put your soul into it, you can be a highly efficient individual in all aspects of life. I believe that we are put into this world to learn, but most importantly to love everything.

I know it sounds crazy, but to me, having that mindset has helped me tremendously in life because I didn’t know I had a soul, and that path was taking me nowhere.

When you start putting others before yourself(in a conscious way), that is when you start realizing many things.

I do my best to have a positive mindset. Being optimistic and realistic at the same time has guided me to a better life and I try to push myself every day to be a better and greater soul.

So how did I do it? how was I able to overcome all of my obstacles? It wasn’t easy, but I believe that taking control of your soul, meditating, understanding, and most importantly doing the right thing are my keys and takeaways to you to become a great marketer and a great human being.


So why do I love Marketing? Simply because it saved my life. I recommend the book called The 22 immutable laws of marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout, it completely changed my mind. I am a marketer because I love to apply the laws in my daily routines and I encourage you to be all you can be in this spiritual dimension so you can achieve greatness.

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