how to communicate with a web developer as a digital marketer

How to communicate with a web developer as a digital marketer

Effective communications between marketers and developers is essential, and the need of understanding each other has never been so important in the workplace. By my experience, I communicate as a friend with a deadline because we both must deliver the project in time (and a working one). Through understanding each other, often through Skype video calls or in person, one can determine how effective the communication is by understanding the project’s “why” because we both must start with the right foot. In either case, we must delegate the tasks in an ordered manner and execute a strategic plan to develop the project, this can be done by diligently by walking through every step of the way.

Communicating effectively is just the beginning with a web developer as a digital marketer. The digital marketer already has the idea and project finished on top of his head, while the web developer does the back-end grinding (and sometimes front-end, as a full-stack developer) to properly understand the idea at hand. Think of it as an architect and an engineer. They must be in tune with each other to facilitate the workflow of the project. In both means, they must understand that they need to work as one. One builds, the other leads. Both tasks are important and considered a powerful combination for finishing projects in time.

To communicate with a web developer as a digital marketer is easy with practice, the more projects are done, the easier it is to have a workflow that is efficient. Every time a new project is expected to be done, the more you realize that communication is by far as important as the finished task. Efficient communication comes from asking powerful questions and seeking the best answers. By doing so we have a higher perspective of what we need in order to finish and to optimize our job. By acting and doing upon the answers coming from powerful questions, the team can strategically execute tasks effectively.

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