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Email Marketing is a great and efficient way of communicating with your signed-up users. Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools in digital marketing, as a 1-to-1 basis, or as a marketing automating machine. You have the ability to control many aspects of your email marketing strategy. Such as welcoming your new subscribers, sending transactional emails, nurturing your leads, or send an important and relevant message to a targeted audience.

There are over 200 million emails being sent per hour(and increasing) and having this strategy in place will greatly increase your user engagement. From sending a whitepaper, an e-book, or sharing something through email, it is a manner of engaging at the right time, with the right person, with the right content to generate a conversion.

Email marketing is on the rise. And one of the many uses of email marketing is the need of constantly sharing relevant information with your lists. There are many concepts and definitions for email marketing, such as: design, deliverability rate, open rate, hard bounce, soft bounce, churn, subscriber preferences, form submissions, click rate, suppression lists, subject lines, can-spam compliant email, mobile emails, lead nurturing, personalization, marketing automation, from email, from name, CTA’s, A/B testing, email campaigns, and other vocabulary that you need to understand to generate a great email marketing campaign.

Choosing an email marketing platform could be a challenge to many businesses, and it mainly depends on your business goals. Is your website an e-commerce site? Lead generation site? Informational site? A blog? There are many questions to consider when building up your email marketing strategy, and at Gem Techs we help you develop the necessary research and implementation to efficiently thrive your business and execute digital marketing campaigns without a flaw.

Email marketing strategies are one of the most engaging and converting campaigns of them all. With the right content, time, and audience, you can create a marketing machine that will serve you as a channel to present your products and services.

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Email is one of the most effective channels in digital marketing

Target your subscribers and communicate with them through personal messaging and share useful information that they will consume and apply in their daily lives. 

Invite them to webinars, send them promotions and offers, and be consistent with your voice and tone. Personal messaging is engaging and triggers positive emotions if done effectively.

I believe in radical transparency and open communication to deliver your brand’s value and mission to your audience.

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