customer journey mapping

Create a Customer Journey Map by Gathering PPC data and Heat Mapping.

Customer Map Journey

By using a web analytics and a heat mapping service, you are able to know and create a customer journey map and optimize it for user experience. By using tools such as Google Analytics, you are able to track traffic, where are they clicking on, and improve your pages by showing only the most relevant content that has engagement. Although SEO is really important, it relies on user experience and quality to determine if your content is important enough to be used.

Through your web analytics and heat mapping, you can gather information about your users, knowing their behavior flow, and with the same tool or another specifically for heat mapping, you can combine the data to exactly know the pages they go through,  and what do they click, and at what rate. Using this data to optimize your user experience is essential for many objectives, such as conversions, goals, transactions, etc.

By accommodating your objectives to user intent and engagement, you can create multiple customer journey map for different types of users, depending on their demographics, age, gender, etc. knowing where your users visit and click is essential for this because you can check through your analytical tool what are can we do to improve the journey map.

One example would be: You want to improve your conversion goal rates in the customer journey map

You have the necessary tools to know the customer map journey that leads to the conversion and you have sufficient data to understand it. Observe closely the current heat maps and the behavior flow, where do they exit, the average duration per session, and the buttons/forms click/submitted. You are analyzing the rates and numbers to understand your users.

You want to know where they come from and your multi-channel attribution reporting, which channel if the most converting one. Analyzing this data first, as well as the structure and architecture of your website, is fundamental to understand for the map, then make it more simple and easy for them to find the treasure/conversion.

Understanding that red in your heat map is the most engagement and blue as the least, will give you a wider view of where users are clicking and scrolling. Knowing where your users exit or where they are just landing to a page and taking less than a second to view it due to the lack of relevant content or poor design, user experience, it is time to optimize your website.

How do I make changes now that I have all the data necessary to make a decision?

It is time to take action steps to improve the journey of your users. Customer journey map is about simplicity and relevance in order to influence the user to take action. Now that you have analyzed the data, we can move to improving and optimizing your behavior workflow. Regardless if you are in e-commerce, B2B, B2C, or C2C, the site needs a map.

Start by viewing the recent workflow. What do you need to do to improve it? Do your users drop off in a page that is not relevant? Do they click the wrong button? Popup interfering with a conversion goal? An image on your page not relevant? Is your content, links, forms, and buttons are in the blue zone? Are your users exiting on the last page?

As you can see, it is about re-arranging, editing, adding, removing, improving page design, content, clicks, forms, media, and buttons. It is about pleasing and delighting your users to have the greatest experience possible.

By doing this, you reward yourself by generating more conversions, actions, and goals. Search engines can even see this improvement and help you get more users to your site. Search engines wants to send traffic to relevant websites with a great user experience, making it a win/win/win to the search engine, to the user, and to the website.

The customer journey map is one of the most important tasks you have to understand in order to improve your conversions and engagement, by allowing yourself to gather data, analyze it, and improve your website will overall help the user to get to what they want easily and in a simpler manner.

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