why content marketing creates social impact

Why Content Marketing Creates Social Impact

Sharethis and Addthis are some of many tools that you can use to add to your content marketing mix in order for you to have a greater impact on social media platforms, the need of likes, tweets, and up-votes have a lot of meaning to traffic when arriving upon your content. Having the essentials, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Tumblr, and other social media platform share buttons will help you spread your content as much as possible.

This need of sharing and expressing emotions and thoughts with others, the need of acceptance and to pass around valuable information or a tool is what connects us. If I want to share valuable content with my friends, this creates social impact because it is social value worth sharing. Relevant content always spreads like wildfire through social media, and this is how we stay connected, through blogs, news, and so on.

Your brand must create positive social impact. Content that has the ability to uplift views and create positive momentum will be shared, thus creating social impact, the more it is shared, the higher the credibility of it. I believe that content marketing creates social impact because of the nature that I, as a human being, if I find something useful and relevant to my life, I would like to share it with others to be aware and have the same knowledge that I have. It is this “giving” that connects us to one another, including through the Internet. This sharing impacts our lives, our lifestyle, and our way of thinking. Imagine I want to share that I just read a book and I would like to recommend it to my closest friends. I create a small post about how this book was useful to me, tag the people that I would like to be contacted, and publish the post so it has exposure to direct and indirect friends.

This engagement helps create an micro-impact on my life, and in the life of others. Now imagine have social impact through a company that wants to share an info-graphic, or a dynamic web page that is interactive. This creates a path to an audience that wants to gain knowledge or is being exposed to the content being shared. People want to be informed on what they are interested in. This could be politics, sports, technology, food, health, and so forth. Content marketing must create social value, it must create a chain reaction to the people being exposed to it. Brands and individuals use social sharing buttons so traffic can easily share content on their website. This flexibility is now a necessity on any page that can be shared through social media, which is the fastest and easiest way to expose content.

Creating social impact through content and being shared is now a necessity rather than a commodity. You either boost your post by paying the platform you want to share it, or wait for organic users to share your content. These options help you to decide whether the content needs help to be shared, or do it organically through people sharing your content.

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