content is king distribution is queen

Content is King, Distribution is Queen

The King of Content + the Queen of Distribution = Greater Traffic Impact.

To have relevant content on your site is as important as to distribute it. It is true, if your content is so good, it will spread like wildfire without pressing a button, but what if you want to distribute your content as much as possible? This is really important because there is social media marketing that leverages your content, press release sites,  content distribution platforms, etc.

You must distribute your content in qualified sites. I recommend researching first what are the trending distribution platforms out there that have great exposure for your content, and without the need of spamming traffic. We want our material to run as smooth as water, not as a shotgun approach.

A natural/organic form that users can view your content will seem far better than forcing them to see it. What I think its important is the quality of the content. An info-graphic, a concise blog, A how-to page, a guide, whatever it is, having this distribution platform will get you more relevant traffic that will engage with your business assets.

I do recommend however, using social media to distribute your content as well. Now it is far more easier than ever distribute your content through social media channels, you can leverage your content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr for starters.

How easy it is to create social media profiles and to distribute content?

The longest part that you will take to create is a profile page on each social site (good thing is just once). Most of the time, a marketer will post the link and the social media platform will retrieve information from the URL link to add an image, a header title, and the very first description of the page.

This helps to know exactly what users are clicking on, without any changes to the meta description or title. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Tumblr have this technology when sharing links online, it provides you with a snippet of the page that is being shared and published, saving you time and work.

I encourage marketers to open accounts on these social sites because they are the most relevant ones. You can choose to distribute content in Hubpages, PRWeb, and PRNewswire to deliver press releases and articles that will help you get the most out of your content distribution.

Some features are paid, so you must be 100% sure you are going to distribute the content on these sites. They are great because they submit your article to hundreds of websites, making your content available to more users.


Experimenting with different web publications, knowing what your competitors are using to distribute content to your target market, and making your content viral can be complicated at times, but if you are able to use the necessary tools to make it happen, it will be worth it.

If your content is spread across the Internet with that new web tool you published, or that new service you are bringing to your customers, or sharing information that will serve your users, it is a must that will sure be of value to someone.

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