Cost per user, or per channel?

It’s a struggle to realize that there are now multiple touch-points around a user, including an ad on Facebook, another ad on Twitter, or a click on a Google Search ad campaign; this all adds up to the marketing mix. A marketer must truly understand the cost per user, or per channel. Here is an […]

Make Your Business Grow by the Platform Marketer

A platform marketer is a person that accelerates growth by managing successful digital campaigns that use platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager, Google Adwords, BingAds, Yahoo Gemini, Adstage.io, and many others. By accelerating and optimizing paid and organic advertising, they are rising to new adaptations of the marketing technologies that are arriving, he/she can work […]

Email Marketing Strategies

10 Tips for a successful email marketing campaign: Use email campaigns as dialogue. Evolve past click through rates Segmentation. Focus on the message. Automate where needed. Create a mix of styles and methods. Deliverability. Testing. Analyze your results. Always use social shares. Conversations, not campaigns: What does an engaging conversation look like? Listen and adapt. […]