Let’s get first things first. What is E-commerce? from Ecommerceguide.com

Ecommerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. This means that whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved in ecommerce.

With an E-commerce platform, you can start selling physical and digital documents to your audience. There are many E-commerce platforms that we can build your brand with, some of them are the following:

They all have similar features and they pricing depend on many factors such as number of transactions, number of products enabled, number of visitors, etc. Importantly, there are many plugins, add-ons, and marketing automation platforms that you can consider when adding to your e-commerce site. You want your e-commerce site to scale beautifully, and with our resources, along with your business objectives, we can create a self-sustainable e-commerce platform that will deliver the product right to the customer’s doorstep, or inbox.

In order to make an e-commerce happen, there are many important pages you must have in your site, such as a shopping page, product pages, online cart page, sign-up, sign in, or account page, and other things to consider for example will you be shipping only to USA, or other countries? Is your product taxable? Do you know how to ship the products you are selling? From where are the products being shipped? Do you have a privacy and terms of services page? Is your site GDPR compliant? All these questions matter because you need to establish not just a brand, but a constant flow of transactions from your website, and attend to customer’s feedback and questions they might have during the buying process. There are many tracking scripts happening on the end of the e-commerce platform such as user behavior tracking, marketing automation, and the importance of security of your site. You don’t want to expose sensitive information of your customers, and choosing the right platform will give you a path to follow. Some of them can be more expensive, but their features can be different from others depending on your business model.

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Find the best platform for your E-commerce business to generate transactions. Let us help you.

Ecommerce Analytics. Track your most loyal customers and reward them with promo codes, offers, and discounts.

It seems that nowadays almost everyone sells online. Are you ready to start your online shop as well?

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