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Our Story

We reside in the beautiful city of San Diego, Ca. We started having interest in web design and development in high school and worked our way up to digital marketing in the university. From there, we read about different marketing  initiatives, strategies, and tactics that deliver sales qualified leads right to your inbox or phone.

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We believe in advancing our civilization...


The Law of Growth and Contribution

We believe in the law of growth and contribution. Just like nature grows and contributes towards an ecosystem (fruits feed the animals, seeds are eaten by birds), we too believe that we should follow the same principles as nature. The seeds of the fruit of a tree can grow to another tree, hence, contributing to growth and helping the ecosystem it is living in.


Ernesto Lara, Founder

I love digital marketing. I have seen exponential growth in this area of our society and I love to be part of the creativity and processes that makes human interactions possible through digital mediums.

We started Gem Techs to help businesses scale their marketing through digital technology. My weekend hobbies are to read books about business, leadership, technology, spirituality, and marketing.

I was inspired by leaders such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk to move our civilization forward to abundance and prosperity. Believing in nature’s laws are key to progress and it’s fundamental in my thinking process when helping others. 

How can I grow, collaborate, and contribute to make a better and connected world?

Creating a positive impact and making your business and online presence grow is our responsibility. We use our work ethic, values, and strengths to help you reach your goals and objectives. We start with why and have a clear definition of your vision to determine the strategy in order to execute effectively.

Client Testimonials

target audience

Target Audience

We target the right audience to deliver the right message at the right time.

optimize for conversions

Optimize for Conversions

A/B and multi-variate testing is a strategy to understand what works and convert more users.

sales qualified leads

Sales Qualified Leads

Our final goal is to generate delighted customers that become promoters.

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